Hi, I go by the Name Serena Elis. I am a music producer, Singer and Digital Designer. CEO of DXS, Daydream by SEA. My work consist of music production and distribution, NFTS, 3D Digital Art and dipping into Virtual Reality. I love creating and thinking of innovative ways to showcase art. I know the power of music and art, and how it shapes culture and thinking, so I am looking forward to putting a unique style of mine into this world. My vision is to create a visual and audio experience for viewers in the Metaverse and bring a new way at experiencing creative expression. I also hope to be a part of a movement of equality. As an Artist, Social Platforms has put tremendous pressure on myself and other Artists and people around the world. I was never a fan of likes, and numbers that determines someone value, which can also shape the way a group or a person views you. Imagine a social platform without algorithm or that doesn't consist of numbers ? would we find more talent in the world ? because I believe we we would. As I have studied the way the music industry works, we highlight specific individuals as greater then, and overlook the ones behind the scenes. With that being said, I am excited to see a new generation of artist emerge into a decentralized one, where the power can go to the artist. It gives more independent creators and viewers to have control of their future, what they want to hear, what they want to see. Art brings peace and community together, so lets make it a beautiful. - Serena Elis.